Mod_Spdy doesn’t work with SSLRequireSSL

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Apache SPDY module same issue, apache 2.4.7, mod_spdy, mod_ssl-npn, fastcgi, the connection died within some seconds to the client. f.e. Wordpress lost the connection during writing an article, or shopware can't open the backend (here: connection dies during loading some big libraries)

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Strict-Transport-Security Supporteded

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Strict-Transport-Security Supporteded           Excellent! This website is using HSTS, also known as Strict Transport Security. This tells the browser to always use SSL when talking to this website, allows more of your visitors the opportunity to both be secure and to use SPDY. The server is sending the header Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=15552000; preload which [...]

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By |2015-05-08T21:19:44+02:00May 8th, 2015|Categories: SPDY|Tags: | Supports SPDY Report Details Network Server on 443 Nice, this host has a network service listening on port 443. SPDY works over SSL/TLS which usually listens on port 443. SSL/TLS Detected Good, this host is speaking SSL/TLS. SPDY piggybacks on top of SSL/TLS, so a website needs SSL/TLS to use SPDY. Valid X.509 Certificate This website is [...]

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