Dear Bitmain Team!

It takes me several **hundreds of unpaid hours** to get out this working code!

Honor my work, please!

100% of this code was reformatted and optimized by me (Zwilla = Miguel Padilla) Started Dec 2015 to September 2016.

At first it would be more then fair, that you add again this notice into the header:

/* Copyright 2016 Miguel Padilla – Donations: 19aST25BBcQyk6JyGScJiZuUbdCMVNMJ4q
* Copyright 2011-2015 Con Kolivas
* Copyright 2011-2015 Andrew Smith
* Copyright 2011-2012 Luke Dashjr
* Copyright 2010 Jeff Garzik

And second, if you are really fair to me send some coins not satoshi’s to my address here: 19aST25BBcQyk6JyGScJiZuUbdCMVNMJ4q

You can check my work here = your work:
[](url) 115 commits +2,234 −46,606
[](url) adding +97,573 and deleting -4,473
[](url) +202,998 changes

All my unpaid work are now inside your code. Also you can send me some miners for testing, developing and optimizing. This is my Bitmain Store login: (Zwilla Research) Germany

I love Bitmain products and I want to develop more optimizations but I need you support!

Michael Padilla